Stand Up – Episode 74

Stand Up was the twenty first episode of Quantum Leap’s fourth season to air, with Sam trying to navigate a budding romance within a comedy troupe while fending off an amorous mobster. In this episode Gerry and Iain discuss unrefusable offers.

Sam leaps into Davey Parker, one third of a comedy troupe working in the Catskills. His colleagues Mack (Bob Saget) and Frankie (Amy Yasbeck) are feuding due to their inability to admit that they ‘love’ one another. Also Mack is violent and short tempered. Still, Sam tries to bring them together.

This task is made more difficult when mobster Carlo Degorio (Robert Miranda) takes an interest in Frankie, leaving Sam to extricate his friend from a tricky situation. Along they way they upset various other people including club owner Lou Collins (Mark Lonow), a trucker (Pete Schrum) and an audience member called Joey (Tom La Grua).

Stand Up was directed by Michael Zinberg, his last episode for the show. Deborah Pratt got the writing credit.

In this episode Gerry and Iain considered the perils of matchmaking.

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Stand Up was released in 1992. It is 48 minutes long and originally aired on the NBC network. It can be viewed on NBC’s Peacock streaming service in the UK and in the United States. The show is available on DVD and Blu Ray in other countries.